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Representative Client - Testimonials

Letter to Insurance Company General Counsel:

Recently [our restaurant franchise] was defended by Mr. Randall Mead of Springfield, Illinois against a personal injury that occurred in 1993 on our property. I personally observed the trial for two and one half days, which was the first time I had witnessed a jury trial. I have also been involved with retaining outside counsel with I was employed with a major Class I railroad.

The professionalism and effectiveness of Mr. Mead's performance needs to be brought to your attention. In some cases, I have seen outside counsel fail to defend a corporation effectively because the fees would be paid regardless. In this case, I was encouraged by the justice system by observing Mr. Mead won this trial simply due to hard work and preparedness. The difference between the plaintiff and defense was overwhelming, which is obviously why [we] prevailed.

-Franchise Owner

Note from client after brain injury malpractice case was dismissed:

I just wanted to send a note to thank you on a personal basis for your kindness extended me through this heavy, last 61/2 years. I appreciate your professionalism, expertise and again, kindness, as I endured such a new and different chapter in my life.


Letter from client, sued in auto collision case:

I wanted to thank you for the very thorough and very competent job you did on the case. It was very reassuring to me to be kept posted in the manner you did. I always knew the status of the case and that helped a lot. Your several letters to keep me updated were most appreciated. Thanks too for you warm friendly manner when we first spoke on the phone about this case. I appreciated your reassurance. Since I had never been involved in anything like this, I was very uneasy but your professionalism was a great assist.


Letter to Insurance Company, after winning summary judgment:

I am writing to show my appreciation for the way my claim was handled and the outcome of the lawsuit against me. [The adjuster] and your attorney, Randy Mead, both handled the case in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. There was never anytime during the two year duration of the case that I had any question that everything was being done to win this case.

-Apartment building owner

Unsolicited letter from Chiropractic Physician to his carrier suggesting Drake, Narup & Mead, be engaged to defend their members:

Earlier today I had the pleasure to dialogue professionally with Mr. Randall Mead, an Attorney with Drake, Narup and Mead. This was in the course of an "Evidence" Deposition on an individual who was referred to me [by the plaintiff's attorney] for an IME. Mr. Mead is representing the Defendant (Insurance Company) in this matter.

On rare occasions an Attorney is so personally and professionally impressive that I feel compelled to recommend he and his firm to you. Mr. Mead was pleasant, highly respectful of myself as a doctor of Chiropractic and extremely knowledgeable about Chiropractic standards of care, practice stratagems and physical medicine methodologies.

-Chiropractic Physician

Letter from Physician to his insurer following victory at trial:

Mr. Mead's handling of my defense during the trial was exemplary. . . . The plaintiff's expert was more broad in his criticisms at the trial than he had been at the time of the discovery deposition. Mr. Mead in his cross-examination managed to get the radiologist to retract that additional criticism. It would have been damaging to my case. . . . I have been impressed with the unfailing zeal shown by Mr. Mead throughout the entire ordeal of this case. The incredible amount of effort throughout the many depositions and legal maneuvers was impressive to me.