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Health & Medicine - Malpractice

You've been sued! A patient has alleged in a court filing that you injured him in your treatment. Someone is attacking your professional abilities, including another doctor who says your patient has a good and meritorious case. You are angry and embarrassed. They told you in medical school this day would come but you didn't really believe it. What do you do? How do you get through this?

Drake, Narup & Mead has helped physicians faced with this ordeal hundreds of times. We know this is not "just another case" for you and we will never treat it that way. We take pride in working in partnership with you and your insurance company in every aspect of your case. Our knowledge of and working relationship with the national medical community and the nation's top insurers enables us to identify and consult the physicians at the top of your specialty to review your case. Our knowledge of medical issues helps you in every phase of the litigation, even through trial and appeal if necessary. And Drake, Narup & Mead is there for you after the trial is over; with an open-door policy to medical doctors with questions. When that terrible day comes and you are served with a summons, call your malpractice carrier immediately, and demand Drake, Narup & Mead for your defense. You deserve nothing less.